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Hello All,

I’d like to introduce Kimberly Sarah Photography’s first blog. I had a love for photography since I was a child, my Dad was an avid photographer. When I was about 10 I saved enough money to buy my very own Polaroid, how exciting. I still have a bunch of those photos!

I later moved on to a Pentax K1000, (that is s film camera for those who may not know).

I could bore you with all the years of learning film, developing etc. But this is not why you are here. You are here hopefully to learn about Kimberly Sarah Photography, my love for photography and my passion for dogs. Most of my pictures when I was a child was of my dogs. My first dog was Baron, a full bread German Shepard. What a beautiful dog he was. He was brought in to my house the day after I was born, we were close, very close. I will never forget the way he listened so intently. His eyebrows dancing on his face as I spoke to him while we laid face to face.  In the years to come I would have 5 other dogs, Arrow, Bucko, Zach, Dexter and now Winston. Winston is my little clown. A Cardigan Welsh Corgi. It may sound weird to tell you how much I love this dog…

Having had great dogs in my life I realized that the photos I had created were priceless. I am so grateful to have them to reflect on.

If you have a furry love in your life I encourage you to have a professional photo created. You will never regret doing it, only if you don’t. Now I don’t say this to make money or guilt you into a session with Kimberly Sarah Photography, but to help you in those days that you are missing your pup.

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Author: Kimberly Sarah Photography

Owner / Photographer Kimberly Sarah Photography.

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